Bridesmaids Dresses

Have your best girls looking beautiful by your side on the day of your dreams. Regiss offers simply luxurious dresses to fit every shape and style. Have your best friends and family look beautiful while complementing your wedding day. View these styles at your bridal appointment at one of our showrooms in Glasgow, Louisville, Bowling Green, or Owensboro, Kentucky.


Jasmine P196006
Jasmine P196005
Jasmine P196004
Jasmine P196003
Jasmine P196002
Jasmine P196001
Christina Wu Celebration M41F
Jasmine L194066
Jasmine L194065
Jasmine L194064
Jasmine L194063
Jasmine L194062
Jasmine L194061
Jasmine L194060
Jasmine L194059
Jasmine L194058
Jasmine L194057
Jasmine L194056
Jasmine L194055
Jasmine L194054
Jasmine L194053
Jasmine L194052
Jasmine L194051
Jasmine L194018
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