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Posted on July 15 2016

What Flavor of Cake Should I Have?

Who says you need just one flavor? If you are having a multiple tier cake, you can have each tier a different flavor. Some couples so your classic white, chocolate, strawberry or some like to talk with their cake maker on having a funky flavor, like chocolate bacon or pineapple. What has been found to work best is doing one layer of the groom's favorite, one layer of the brides favorite, then one layer of white so for your guests who don't like either flavors. 


What Style of Cake Do I Want?

The cake is a time a couple can get really creative and show their personalities - I went to one wedding where the entire cake was Halloween themed, which was really fun and original. Some couples want a classic all white cake, which are very elegant and timeless. Some couples have a sweet table with cupcakes and candy instead of one big cake. Some couples say no to a cake and instead do pies or donuts. Its all a preference to you and what will best suit your guests. 


Here's a video of some of the most outrageous cakes in the world:


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