1 Month and Up

Posted on September 17 2016

A rehearsal dinner is traditionally held the night before the wedding, and it is basically a trial run of the actual ceremony. In recent times, it has became more of a celebration for family and friends involved in the wedding to experience a more intimate time with the couple before the big day. 

On this night, everyone in both wedding parties will need to be present as they will be practicing their parts for the big day, such as the order in which they will be walking down the aisle and where they will be sitting/standing. It is usually a more casual affair, and some brides really make it fun by having a pizza party, games, or other fun activities.

This night is the perfect time to give members of the wedding party gifts, meet and greet your DJ/band if they will be present, check off last minute ideas, and have a moment of relaxation with those you love.

While you can customize the processional order any way you choose, there is a traditional way each person is meant to walk down the aisle. 

Here is a chart to help you coordinate: 

  Take the time to enjoy this night and relax, because come the next day you will be nonstop!

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