Allure is one of the most sought-after bridal brands, with many lines of wedding dresses to fit any style or wedding. Allure bridal gowns are made with luxurious materials like lace and tulle, and feature modern, trendy silhouettes and incredible embellishments. Book an appointment and visit Regiss in Bowling Green, Owensboro, Louisville and Glasgow, Kentucky to discover the latest Allure wedding gowns and make your wedding dreams come true!

Allure F130
Allure F131
Allure F132
Allure F133
Allure F134
Allure F135
Allure F136
Allure F137
Allure F138
Allure F139
Allure S-F100
Allure S-F101
Allure S-F102
Allure S-F103
Allure S-F104
Allure S-F105
Allure S-F106
Allure S-F107
Allure S-F108
Allure S-F109
Allure S-F110
Allure S-F111
Allure S-F112
Allure S-F113
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