Allure believes that you should feel nothing less than gorgeous on your big day. Their exquisite wedding gowns are detailed with lavish satin and lace and beautiful beading. Allure started as a retail store and has grown into an award-winning bridal manufacturer. Visit one of our showrooms in Glasgow, Louisville, Bowling Green, or Owensboro, Kentucky to try on the Allure dress of your dreams.
Allure M473
Allure M476
Allure M484
Allure M490
Allure M495
Allure M504
Allure M505
Allure M514
Allure M520
Allure M521
Allure M522
Allure M524
Allure M525
Allure M530
Allure M531
Allure M532
Allure M533
Allure M534
Allure M536
Allure M540
Allure M541
Allure M542
Allure M543
Allure M544
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